That was the week that was!

It's been one of those weeks where the unexpected turns up, routine goes out the window and life takes over! It started last Saturday with a Studio spring clean and prettify

One side of my room felt like it was coming in on me and needed a tidy and the other side was soooo boring! The power tools came out and the shelves went up .... though it did become a job I wish I had never started when I saw the carnage .... I bet we all start jobs like that!

Then work halted to go here last Sunday

The Stitches Trade show at Birmingham NEC. I didn't know if I would make it but at the last minute I made the trip and was glad I did. It was lovely to see so many crafty, friendly faces, catch up on the gossip and have interesting chats. I came away with lots of food for thought! I do wonder at how life twists and turns sometimes!

Midweek we travelled to London to say good bye to one of life's beautiful ladies. Lots of family catch ups and happy memories.

Then it was back to the studio .... it was not going to beat me LOL

It feels so much better! I have space to breath!! I do have a cupboard in there too in case you're wondering where the rest of the stash is (and the garage is another story LOL) And my boring walls are so much more interesting!

I love my light up shelves and all the bits and bobs .... mind you, you really wouldn't want to see the walls behind those shelves, I was drilling into a very thick outer wall and it was rather hard but I got there in the end :D And now I have a pretty backdrop to start filming some YouTube tutorials .... watch this space!

Then this last Saturday was hubs birthday

The boys love helping to unwrap presents LOL. We took a trip out to Hadrian's wall, it was a really mild day for February, unfortunately a little hazy, but still spectacular.

It was a loooong climb up there but worth it and so peaceful, just us and sheep!

It was a bit windy too .... check out the hair :D then we walked down to the Quarry and pitched up for a picnic, the boys even got to have a paddle and see the ducks, all in all a great day out.

So Sunday I thought I would take a day off and do nothing .... the sun was shining and I thought I'd sit in the garden then remembered all the furniture was under wraps keeping dry waiting for wood stain ..... so that's what I did!

So much for a day of nothing but it was a job done and if this weather continues at least I can get to sit out at some point!

So here I sit reflecting on the last week, it's amazing how much you can cram into a few days and how many different experiences, thoughts and emotions all that can bring. Who knows what the next week will bring but I'm ready for it and looking forward to working in my nice tidy studio!

I hope your week has been good, thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon

Stay safe and be happy


Michelle x

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