Silhouettes and Rainbows

Hi there, so I didn't quite make a blog within the week so I missed Monday Musings but I'm only one day out which is good for me so I take that as a win LOL!

So todays big news is a new kit release, remember the rainbow papers and mucky hands in the last post? well this was what I was creating

A lot of people requested silhouettes for Christmas so here they are, Michelle styley, against a rainbow of papers, which are possibly my most favourite backgrounds ever! You can see the full kit content and description in my Etsy shop. And so on to the next creation .... I'm loving all the time I am getting in the studio at the moment!

As I normally talk about time I thought it would be fitting to talk about how quick time flies! 19 years ago today we were getting ready to get married but as it's us not in the conventional way! We got married in The Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough and it was a truly theatrical affair

It was a sea theme as we are both water signs (cancer and pisces) and we swam with the dolphins on honeymoon in Mexico .... It was a great day and here's the set preparation the night before with my best friend ( for those that don't know hubs is a comedian and I used to be a set designer so that's why the theatre!)

As it was 19 years ago the pics aren't that great but the memories are! I will have to hunt out some decent pics of the actual day to share with you!

I hope you all survived Halloween and those with pets, bonfire night! Stan and Ollie really don't like all the flashing and banging so we have been trying to tire them out with long walks and Sunday was the perfect day for a long beach walk

Naughty daddy teasing Ollie with ice cream LOL

Ok that's enough waffle from me .... I hope you enjoy the new craft collection and please share your crafty makes with me .... I'll be in the studio again tomorrow cooking up my next crafty offering and will be back here soon ... honest!

Until then stay safe and be happy



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