Dear Cyber Space

Oh no I've gone and done it again and now have an ear worm ... soz :D

I just created a new Facebook header to wish everyone a happy long weekend and thought I'd share it here and have a witter. This is created with my Tropical Party kit which started as a Christmas kit but is so much more and it's fuzzy felt-tastic too! I really enjoyed re-visiting this kit and realise that I have been so intent on creating collections that I haven't played enough with the ones I have created.

I was prompted to re-visit collections after the release of 'Have a Word' as my lovely digi bod team have been really mixing up the collections to use with it, almost like the word kit was a key to unlock all the possibilities of mixing things up can bring. Our lovely Yvette called it a Fusion, I love that word, it describes everything that I want people to do with my craft kits. Not just fusing the collections together but also fusing the digital and the real life crafting world .... you don't have to be one or the other you can be both! And I am busy cooking up lots of ways to show you how .... I am planning to do some filming .... I admit I am chasing myself coming back at the moment trying to get it all together, to get it out into this black hole of cyber space but I will get there. I have wanted to do it for ages and have really procrastinated (another great word) getting to it, always an excuse ... I need a hair cut, I'm too busy, I need a mic, I need to lose weight but no more, this new me is getting on with it .... eventually :D There's always an excuse if you look for one isn't there? but now I've said it out loud I guess I'll have to do it.

My head is buzzing with things, I now have 4 notebooks on the go, did I ever tell you I like lists? There's nothing better than a list and the satisfaction you get when you can finally tick something off is there! I have 1 notebook for project ideas, 1 for collection ideas, 1 for video ideas, 1 for the boring work stuff, meh! oh and 1 more on the go for the day to day .... this is the really important one (and for those eagle eyed that does indeed make 5 .... do I have a notebook problem?) I recently read a piece of great advice about setting yourselves dreams and goals and actually achieving them ..... break that big dream down into goals to make it happen and then break those goals down into bite size pieces to achieve them .... simples right? so That is why my 5th, rather dog eared notebook is the important one and the one that has the (potential for) most ticks. The other piece of advice alongside this which puts everything into perspective is we can only achieve with what we have and where we're at right now. Life happens, friends and family are important to spend time with and hey that pesky mojo does have the tendency to do a runner and hide at times right? So in this crazy, busy life of lists, goals and dreams we all need to take a breath and relax!

Wishing you all a relaxing and happy long weekend.

Until soon

Michelle x

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