Rainbow Sloths and a Happy New Year

Well Hello and Happy New Year! With the festivities behind us it's time to jump into 2019 with full gusto and a rainbow sloth! Introducing Keith and Gerald purchased while on a shopping trip with my niece to the #MetroCentre just after Christmas, after all life's too short not to buy a rainbow sloth right? And this is my mantra for 2019!

The festive season is always a busy one for Mogford towers. Mid November we trekked off to Tewkesbury and I helped friends with a panto, donning my old Stage Management hat and life has been full throttle since then. Hubs went off to his pantoland at the beginning of December in Plymouth and is still there until the end of the week so I had Christmas with my folks, cooking dinner for the family and then toddled off to Plymouth for New Year .... that is a bit of a hike from the North East but worth the New Years day dinner at #BistrotPierre .... yumsville! and this was next to our table, love the words

Then we had a lovely stroll back along the sea wall

2019 sees my 50th year on this planet, which is quite ridiculous as I certainly don't feel it but it is making me look at life, taking stock and grabbing it with both hands. I'm not making resolutions but intentions I think is a better word so I intend to spend more time with family and friends, get back to my goal weight as I do not want to be fat and 50 LOL and always be true to me. I also want to relearn to play the recorder, find a thai chi class and learn Spanish. I want to actually use the lovely sketch books I have and create lots of art. I of course intend to create lots of new digital art collections, revamp some of my previous ones and create lots of crafty projects to share. I intend to try and get to grips with social media, you'll find me on FB and Instagram, I know how to use them LOL I'm also on Twitter but don't really get that and I need to work out Pinterest but I have also decided life is too short to get hung up on all this stuff and while it is a necessary evil of today's world and for my business I can't let it rule me. I'll keep you posted of my progress ..... or not Ha!

I started this blog towards the end of 2018 when I launched my Etsy shop and went out into the big wide world on my lonesome and I intend to use it a lot more this year. 2018 was an interesting year, with ups and downs and big decisions. I never regret anything I do as I learn from every experience I have and at this moment in time I know I have learnt I need to do what makes me happy and creating for myself and sharing my art with the world is definitely making me happy!

So as to Keith and Gerald, Keith lives with my niece in Kent and Gerald is quite literally hanging out in my studio, I think of a happy day with my niece every time I see him and he's a rainbow and a sloth so what's not to love? And he reminds me to love life and laugh often so lovely people go grab a rainbow sloth!

With all good intentions I will be back soon with more waffle and until then I want to wish you all a Happy, Healthy and fabulous 2019 .... let's make it a goodie!


Michelle x

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