Paint the whole world with a rainbow

Dear Cyber Space

I tried to visit a couple of days ago but the magic of the tinternet wouldn't allow me to post! We live in a small village and at the best of times the connection can be dodge and at the moment, especially in the evening we are struggling to stay on line ... it also doesn't help when hubs is uploading stuff to his website at the same time! But at the moment all's quiet on the Western front so I thought I'd pop in :D

I am loving seeing all the rainbows appearing in windows in streets across the UK #rainbowwalks and have made some colouring pages to post through the doors in my village so I thought why not share them with you lovely lot so here is the link to pick them up

Please feel free to share them with your neighbourhood (safely!) and let's get creative and paint the whole world with a rainbow (is that song stuck in your head now? you're welcome :D) Enjoy and show me your creations! Images are from my I doodle Love you Craft collection

I'm actually quite glad I have been delayed with this post because I can add this photo now

This is our GrandDaugter Evie colouring in some of my colouring pages down in Devon. The Hello one is for #RainbowsForNightingale and the one she is colouring is for her other Nanny .... too cute!

You will also find some of my colouring pages alongside a whole bunch of talented creatives at The Gift of Creativity - creative classroom from Make it in Design

Have you joined yet? I think this is a fantastic idea and is being added to regularly, great for the whole family to get creative so why not come along and have a play?

And talking of creativity my amazingly talented friend is crocheting me a blanket inspired by Frida Kahlo (one of my all time heroines and favourite artists!)

doesn't it look amazing! Jill is doing it to save her sanity and I get a fabulous treasure - it's a win, win although I think I get the best deal ... I am so lucky!

If you crochet and fancy having a go you can find the pattern for this project for FREE here from #stylecraft by #JaneCrowfoot

I need to get back to my #makemeprojects #workshopinazipfile and get them all ready to upload to my shop ... tinternet permitting!! I don't know where the days go but believe it or not I need more hours!!

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing I hope you're keeping safe and sane and I'll be back soon with some more waffle

Take Care


Michelle x

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