On top of the world!

How is it March already? I can't believe we're already in the 3rd month of 2019, time flies when you're having fun and I have been having fun creating a scrap page from my February memories.

It has been a busy time and I have lots of photos to choose from but I decided to pick just one to sum up my month, this is a good trick to employ so you don't get overwhelmed with trying to scrap everything at once. I chose a photo of hubs on Hadrian's Wall where we went for his Birthday trip ..... On top of the world!

Although it was a warm day for February it was just before the crazy heat wave that we had here in the UK so it was a little hazy but using my I doodle Love you craft collection I was able to make the sun shine on my page.

I also thought it might be interesting to share a bit of my design process with you, how I put the elements together on a page and why rather than just a 'then I did this tutorial'

All the elements on the page come from the Print it and Craft version of my I doodle Love you craft collection. I printed off some of the papers, frames, sentiments and embellishments I thought I might use and then set to with my scissors and glue. (For reference I printed the papers onto a Matt bright white 120gsm paper from HP and the rest of the pieces on a 220gsm white card stock)

I printed my photo at 3'' x 4'' and put this on a mat of white card. I cut out the elements I thought I would definitely use first and because of the doodle nature of the pieces I didn't worry too much about leaving a white border around the edges of embellishments which makes cutting out easier.

I have always maintained that your photos do not need to be perfect for your scrap pages, they just need to tell a story, my photo doesn't look the most exciting at first glance but on this page I decided to create the focal point by adding the larger embellishments around the top over the hazy sky, extending the story out of the photo. With the main large embellishments in place I could build up the rest of the page (NOTE at this point NOTHING is stuck down! Don't commit too early!)

I knew from looking at the beginnings of the layout I needed something to take the eye across the page to the bottom of the photo and didn't think the small flowers were enough so I found the flower border on one of the 8'' x 8'' papers and did some fussy cutting around it.

Laying the border roughly across the page I thought it might do the trick but it was a bit long and the two flowers at the end were too dominating so I cut them off.

I put the layout together as I thought I wanted it to be, this was the image in my head but it just wasn't right, it felt too heavy on the right hand side and feels like it is falling off the page .... what to do?

I removed the title block and moved the yellow flower in, you'll see it's stopped it feeling likes it's tipping to one side now, bringing the focal point more to the centre again, but I still felt there was more tweaking, the border felt like it was floating on the page too much and needed an anchor.

I tried spreading the small flowers along the bottom of the border to anchor it but it made it too linear.

Putting the flowers back to a random clump I removed the kite and the word tags but it looked too bare to me and spoilt the balance of the page.

So I added them back but removed the white daisy, that felt better I think the white daisy was just too dominant. I still felt I needed some anchor points to pull the page together and ground all the elements.

I ripped a strip of blue paper from one of the A4 papers I printed, it picks up the little bits of blue from the embellishments and balances the yellows. It also adds to the feeling of sky without dominating and is enough to anchor the left side of the page and balance it. Now I felt I was getting there, I just wanted to pull the right side in to the photo a bit more.

I tried the green 8'' x 8'' scallop edge paper, the green just pulled everything in too much and made bits disappear so that was a no and also made me realise I needed to keep the white space at the top of the page so I went back to look at just anchoring the bottom of that flower border.

I ripped a strip of 8'' x 8'' graph paper and slotted it under the border which filled in some gaps and pulled the pieces together and by moving some of the flowers to the left it pulled the border across the page and finally it was all linking up.

I still liked the thought of that green paper though so a strip cut from the edge was just enough to add a bit of extra colour to the page for interest and provide a final anchor while not dominating as the graph paper separates it from the flower border.

The last thing I toyed with before adhering the page together was adding a small frame to the photo to pull the focal point in tighter, as the subject of my photo is so small, but I waited to make that decision once the layout was together.

So once you've done all that work positioning everything and now need to take it all apart to stick it together what do you do? My tips are take a photo and make pencil marks at the corners of the base elements.

As I started to assemble my page, I added extra finishing touches. I distressed the edge of the blue strip by dragging my scissors down the edge of it holding them at right angles to the paper, this just adds a little texture interest.

When you're putting a layout together look for elements that can be added with dimension and shape. My base elements were all flat in place and my photo was added on foam pads to lift it. (I always use wet glue with my foam pads for extra belt and braces)

Don't forget to add your journalling before you add too many embellishments. I have written mine on the journal block after it is in place under the photo so I know all of it can be seen.

Shape embellishments for added interest, my rainbow was only adhered by the hearts so the shape could be kept and the rainbow lifts off the page.

To pull everything together on a plain base page a little bit of a doodle frame can do the trick perfectly.

The final decision, to frame or not to frame!

I went with the frame, it adds the pop and the focal point the page needs.

I hope you've enjoyed my little creative journey through creating my scrap page and maybe you'll be inspired to create your own, if you do please share!

The thing I love about the Print it and Craft version of my collection is stepping away from the computer and getting real life crafty and as I have added all the elements from the collection in different sizes there is plenty of choice for whatever size your project is. It's available now in my Etsy shop.

It's been fun sharing this tutorial with you, maybe I'll do it again soon! Thanks for stopping by and until next time, as ever be happy and stay safe.


Michelle x

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