Monday Musings - Where does time go?

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I have decided that I will make Monday my day to 'muse' and maybe just whitter a bit as is my way LOL.

Looking back at my week, it has been an exciting time setting off on my new grand adventure opening my Etsy shop and publishing my website with this blog but I really have no idea where time goes, and it seems to go even quicker when you're busy doesn't it?

To be honest this is one of my most common battle cries, no sooner do I seem to get into my studio for the day to work than suddenly it's tea time.

This layout is on the wall of my studio

I have it there as a reminder to stop procrastinating .... one of my favourite past times and one of my most annoying habits! The photo is from the Lumiere festival in Durham and is a digital clock projected on to the building with the time written in the way we tell time, like nearly or just gone ... great idea! You'll see the date on it is 2014 and was a New Years resolution which I am still trying to successfully stick to!

I have been thinking about this and the pressure we all put on ourselves to do the 101 jobs on our to do list as well as keep the house tidy, walk the dogs and feed the family and wonder where is the rule book to say we have to be super woman or indeed man? Maybe it's time we took a breath and take that list one thing at a time and remember to enjoy life along the way. This is what my new journey's about after all, doing what I love and getting to live the life I love.

So my conclusion to this is while I want to create my craft collections and the art that is swimming about my head, and while I want to get to grips with Pinterest and be social media present on all my platforms as well as blog regularly and while I want to be a domestic goddess and cook fabulous meals everyday and do all the things on my to do list by the end of the week, I am going to give myself a break! There are only 24 hours in a day and as much as I would like more time in that 24 hours one thing for sure is it ain't going to change and the only person putting pressure on me is me.

So shall we make a pact dear reader and decide to be a little bit kinder to ourselves? Instead of worrying about where time goes I am going to try and use my time wisely, remember to breath and live in the now.

It's time to simplify and after all good things come to those that wait right?

It's been lovely to have your company and thanks for reading my whitterings! I'll be back during the course of this week to introduce my Design Team to you with some of their work created with my latest craft collection Fall into Autumn. I'm back off to the land of Christmas now to continue work on my next collections and tomorrow is a day for enjoying with hubs and a trip to Newcastle to see ELO! More of that in next weeks musings!

I'll *see you* soon and until then be safe and be happy