Monday Musings - Time is still my nemesis!

Hi! I can't believe it's been so long since my last Monday musing .... at least it's still within the same month so with my blogging track record I take that as a positive LOL!

I haven't been idle in my absence but beavering away in the studio creating the first kit of my Christmas collection - though this kit is not just for Christmas!

You can see all the info and kit content in my Etsy shop where it is available to buy. Don't forget to share your make pics with me in my Facebook group Michelle's Crafty Pixies.

As well as creating I have been working on my work life balance .... work still on going but I have decided that although time is my nemesis I will not let it rule my life and have to accept I can't do everything I want to do all at once so while I did stress about not posting on here for a while I made myself take a deep breath and get to it when I could, like now! Oh how I wish I could clone myself to deal with all the cyber stuff so I could just spend time creating but alas there is only little old me and eventually I'll get to grips with a routine .... eventually LOL!

In life news, ELO was fab, I managed to plant my spring bulbs and we've had some great dog walks

I'm working on my next collection for Christmas ....

.... and getting mighty messy!

.... and yep once again I'm up against the clock but hopefully I'll find time to pop back in here for a chat really soon!

Until next time be safe and be happy


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