Lost in Craft!

Dear Cyber Space

In my head this title is read like the intro to the 60's TV show Lost in Space LOL! I missed checking in with you last night but as the title says I was lost in craft and the result looks like a bomb went off in my studio! I spent all day creating and making and generally having a lovely time and getting lost in my own little world, I intended to get to you but when I finally raised my head it was 1.20am and I decided to call it quits. It was a day well spent, a day of re discovery of techniques and my joy of creating. It was so nice to get to play with my craft collections and dig out old stash and tools and create some happy artwork.

As humans I think we are predisposed to be creative in whatever way we can be from creating art to making stuff, knitting, sewing, gardening, singing, playing an instrument, cooking and whatever else your particular creative outlet is but I also think life can squash it out of us sometimes. When you watch children play, they create naturally, no holding back and do it with such joy and with absolutely no fear of 'getting it wrong' because you can't get it wrong, right? If it's what you love doing and it makes you happy! As adults we need to tap into that creative muscle and find that childlike joy again to get lost in a little place in the world that makes us happy, even if it's just for a few minutes here and there I think it's essential for our sanity in this crazy world and gives us the head space to slow down, take a breath and even have an end result we can be proud of.

Today I was in a shop and a little girl was looking at the array of paint bottles in front of her and the joy and happiness in her eyes was palpable with her squeals of delight when she said 'look they even have purple' Granddad dutifully took a look and to my joy said 'you can have some of those' to which she excitedly set about selecting one of every colour ..... and for a moment as I watched her I was that little girl again seeing all the colours of the rainbow and being desperate to get back home and start creating .... I believe that little person is in all of us still and lives with us all our lives, let them free as often as you can, pick up those paints, pencils, needles, spades, guitars or spoons and let yourself be free and create!

As for my studio, it has survived and is kind of tidy ready for me and my next creative trip to my happy place ....

Until soon

Michelle x

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