In Spring Time .....

...... The only pretty ring time,

Birds sing hey, ding a ding a ding

Sweet lovers love, the Spring!

Dear cyber space

I have been having a lovely crafty week playing with my own craft collections for once and thought I would share this sweet little make with you, it's easy and quick and would fill a happy crafty afternoon as well as making a lovely bit of home decor for the Spring. Oh and the poem? It is originally form Shakespeare's As You Like it but is also from my favourite film ever .... do you know which one? Correct! Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory ... the original one with Gene Wilder and I find myself singing it all the time at this time of the year. It popped into my head while wandering the bargain shops looking for crafty bits and pieces this week. The shops are full of Easter stuff and a little set of 4 nests that I found in Home Bargains for a whole 79p sparked this project off.

No cost in the base! All you need is an old corrugated box with a piece big enough to draw round a dinner plate .... crafty and upcycling!

I like the texture corrugated card gives and ripping it just adds to that texture so after drawing a circle in the middle of the circle too, rip roughly along the lines you've made.

Spritz the circle with water getting it wet all over and go put the kettle on to let the water do it's magic.

Once the water has soaked into the top layer you will be able to peel it away revealing the corrugated core, let it dry completely and gather some crafty goodies. That's my little pack of nests and I found bakers twine, wool and raffia.

Tie colourful textures around the wreath in 2 or 3 places to add interest without covering up all that lovely corrugated card texture.

I used my A little Birdhouse in your soul Print it and Craft collection for my embellishments (This is a quick and easy way to print of the element sheets and get crafting! It is available in my Etsy shop and don't forget the Birdhouse wishes Make Me Project comes with the Print it and Craft kit for FREE!) I cut out some of the tree branches and positioned them round the wreath .... nothing is stuck in place at this point!!

Cut out some flowers from the element sheets, remember as it is simply PDF's to print you can print them in different sizes, I printed some at A5 to get smaller flowers and just because they are card they don't have to be flat, take your embossing ball tools to them and shape the petals.

The little eggs in the nests were too white for me so before I glued everything in place I spritzed them with some water and dusted them with mica powders for a bit of bling as well as colour (the water makes the mica powder more like a paint so it sticks)

Add some little birds and then glue everything in place when your happy with the arrangement. I used a glue gun but you could use silicon or glue gel but you will need something that has strength and dimension to adhere the bits to the uneven surface.

And that's it ....

A simple, quick and easy piece of home decor that's happy and colourful for Spring..... a ding a ding. Enjoy your crafty time!

Until soon

Michelle x

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