I do love to doodle ....

..... Do you?

I also love a brand new notebook/sketch book .... well any new bit of stationery really! This is my new note book and while sitting down to start writing lists and ideas for new projects I just started doodling to get the mojo flowing and before I knew it the page was full and it sparked off some great ideas, do you ever do this? Maybe you doodle when you're on the phone or while you're watching telly, maybe you doodle while waiting for inspiration to strike, have a look back at your notepads and random bits of paper laying around on your desk .... I bet you do!

So many people have said to me over the years 'I can't draw' well what is doodling? Everyone can draw, drawing is just a way of expressing who you are through mark making and what really upsets me is a lot of people say this because back at school a teacher has told them they can't draw and this has stayed with them as fact ..... but it isn't! Pick up that pen, pencil, felt tip and doodle ... free yourself!

In this day and age with our awareness of well being and being mindful I think doodling is a great practice to adopt, when filling a piece of paper with marks and things that pop into your head it becomes a form of meditation and it's a great way of unlocking that creative brain and getting the mojo flowing.

You can even create your own colouring books and use it as a way to experiment with your paint and pens as well as creating some funky art.

You can use your doodles to make bespoke embellishments for your craft projects ...

..... and for telling your story!

And even make your own home decor!

I really do love to doodle and it has reminded me to get back to creating the art that makes me smile so why not dig out that notepad, grab a pen, find a quiet spot for 5 minutes of you time and get doodling ...... you never know where the journey will take you!

Thanks for stopping by, until next time ..... Happy Doodling!


Michelle x

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