I CAN see the wood for the trees!!

Dear Cyber space (and poor neglected blog!)

Here I sit in front of my computer talking to myself again and I have had an epiphany! I have been sat reading back on my posts and each one seems to have the same theme .... 'I procrastinate, I run out of time, I need to re-invent, I need to stop worrying about doing better and feeling overwhelmed by all that is out there to do' and do you know what I need to get over myself and follow my words .... I think what I have said makes perfect sense and is good advice but it seems that it is my constant inner voice that fights against it all .... time to stop!

So what's my epiphany? I REALLY AM going to stop stressing about to do lists, being perfect at social media and trying to conform to what I think is the way to be and I'm going to be ME!

I have been doing some mindfulness recently and I feel like I am awakening from a long slog on a treadmill that I put in my way .... I will not berate myself for that but I am aware of it and only I have done this to myself! When I started following my path in the craft industry a whole new exciting world opened up for me and I have loved every step BUT over time I have got bogged down with doing things a certain way and conforming, thinking that was the way to do it all, but looking back to my beginnings I crafted for ME, I created art for ME .... I didn't know there was such a thing as acid and lignin free products back then so UHU was the glue I used because it worked, I didn't know the difference between dye based inks, archival inks or permanent inks I just used the colours that made me happy, If I needed paint I would use what I had to hand even if that was a match pot paint from a DIY store and that's the joy I have lost .... when I'm in that creative moment I seem to get halted in case I'm not doing things the right way or I feel I have to showcase a certain product and then procrastination takes over and the result? I achieve nothing and that makes me sad. Years ago I used to do a lot of projects with people's heads on different bodies, it made me smile and was my art .... someone referred to me as 'her what cuts peoples heads off' and do you know what I loved it! I need to be that person again (not saying I'm gonna cut all the heads of my photos LOL)

I am loving creating my own collections and have many more planned and they will be Michelle style! I am planning to get cracking on my YouTube channel to share my art and makes with cyber space and I am still around in the black hole of the internet on social media but I am letting myself off the hook, stopping reading how to get traffic to sites and profiles, stopping worrying about making each blog post perfect and educational and stopping worrying if I have a few days away from technology and don't update a status or a photo feed for a while instead deciding to do it all my way, that's what will make me happy.

I have a load of photos I could share here to sum up my life since I last visited (life has been busy, in a good way!) to make a pretty post but I have decided not to, I have been feeling guilty (to whom I don't know) for not posting them sooner and quite frankly that is ridiculous! If anyone is reading this I have photos on my Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter showing life the past few weeks .... I need to live in the here and now when I visit here to empty my head and I have decided that is what my blog will be ... a place to empty my head. I will still share photos, of course, as well as projects and all that arty stuff but as well as finding my way of enjoying creating I want to find my way back to the joy of blogging so stand by for my witterings!

So Dear cyber space there you have it, from now on life is being lived Michelle style, I did write myself a little note the other day and posted it into my recent Make me project with a wish .....

.... I let you know if it comes true!

Until soon

Michelle x

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