Hello younger self!

Dear Cyber space

Last night I had a dream ..... no I'm not launching into a big speech, I literally dreamt, or more like designed in my sleep, my next little project. Yesterday I was cooking up some projects in my head to make with my new craft kit and kept stumbling over the fact I didn't have enough sentiments or the right ones in the mini kit .... the solution ... draw some! Now I could have just drawn what I wanted and be done, or even used the fonts on my computer to print some out but oh no! Me being me the project started to take on a life of it's own and I have come up with a new collection called Just a word ... and that's exactly what it will be. I will share more when I have it finished, but conjuring up this little project got me all excited to create today.

Way back when, when I was at sixth form college and then art college one of the highlights of the year was the release of the new Letraset catalogue. It was like a tome of new font goodness and we would rush to the local art shop on release day to buy a copy. This was back when we didn't have computers at home so to get a font for a project what did we do? we drew it .... yes really with our hands! We learnt how to replicate the fonts in our own hand and the only thing that made life easier a little way down the road was when we could photocopy them, enlarge them and trace them! But this practice developed a love for fonts for me and to this day I collect them but also take great delight in creating my own although it's only been since creating my own collections that I have re discovered this love and I am so enjoying creating my own unique alphas again. Not so long back I actually searched to see if Letraset catalogues still existed, they don't, well not as they were, I suppose with technological advancements they are no longer needed but I did find a few retro catalogues for sale, all with a hefty price tag .... I do so hope that somewhere lurking in all my memory boxes in the garage my original ones are nestled safely .... I don't think I would part with them though no matter how much they are worth ... the memories are more valuable!

So this morning I set too on my project wondering what my younger self would think if I said I would be drawing directly onto a computer screen to create my lettering one day ... weird! However I do still go old school with paper and pencil to sketch my alphas out first but instead of tracing paper and hours of clean up it's a simple scan and trace direct to the screen and into digi stamp format .... technology!!

I had to break from my creating at 1.20pm though .... The annual Oxford vs Cambridge boat race was on and I have watched this every year for as long as I can remember. It's been a family tradition all my life and has us divided over which blue we are. When I was younger of course we were all together watching but now, although me and my family all still watch together, we communicate by text or Whatsapp throughout ..... technology again and another weird thought for my younger self! I didn't get the result I wanted, I support the dark blue of Oxford but the Ladies and Mens team made a valiant effort and there's always next year, however, I think secretly I kind of wanted the light blues to win in the end because of James Cracknell .... what a story and what an inspiration, if you don't know his story google it (there's that technology again!) it is truly inspirational and just goes to show the power of a positive mind .... he certainly inspired me .... in the face of adversity anything is possible if you decide it is!

I've been back to my creating after a fab roast dinner made by my own fair hands and just thought I'd pop in for a witter before I call it a night, don't think I'll be burning the midnight oil tonight I'm a bit tired .... all the excitement of a new collection and the boat race LOL

So before I go ... 'Hello younger self, one day technology will take you on a fantastical journey of creativity and you will be able to create and share your artwork around the world and you will be able to watch warriors come back from the brink and row a boat to glory all while speaking to your loved ones by writing messages on a mobile phone!' There may be a lot wrong in this world but the little things are pretty awesome aren't they!

Until soon

Michelle x

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