Flying time and 50 fun!!

Dear Cyber space

It's been a while! To be completely honest I went through a phase of extreme tiredness and general 'can't be bothered' but I dug myself out of it when I discovered Well Woman tablets ... hurrah so once back to fighting fit it was all systems go with 2 new kits, a very long 50th Birthday celebration and the launch of my You Tube channel, once technology finally played!

It's all exciting stuff here at Mogford Towers! One of the best things has been finally getting the tent out and venturing off on camping trips .... we love it! and with the summer we have been through recently we have survived just about every weather condition too :D There are lots of pics of our adventures on my Facebook page and Instagram so I have decided not to post them here at the mo as it will make a very long post! but please feel free to go take a look and if you don't already follow me, follow me there ;)

When I decided to start this blog my idea was to visit regularly and just write about my life in general with honesty, but things just became too tiresome when I had my low spot. I am hypo thyroid and I have to admit the tiredness can take over at times mix that with the big 50 and all that entails being a female and it was a cocktail that nearly got the better of me ... but I am stubborn and I will not give into anything .... the discovery of the Well Woman tablets was my turning point, that boost of vitamins and stuff did the trick thank goodness and I gradually got back to me. I guess I just have to learn to give in when needs be and roll with the tide, after all life is a roller coaster and I guess this is just part of the big beautiful ride of life for me!

I'll be back for more wittering soon, Please visit my You Tube channel and subscribe, I have lots of videos planned and am very excited about it. Check in with me on social media too, my posts are a bit more regular there (ish :D)

If you're here thanks for stopping by and until soon Look after yourself and be happy



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