Feeling grateful

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Dear Cyber space

Today I have taken the time to stop and breath. Both me and hubs seem to have been crazy busy recently trying to do our bit to keep people entertained via social media. Me with craft and him with his comedy but today with the sun shining and blue skies (and the threat of a north east wind coming in to turn things colder tomorrow) we decided to take the time to just be.

It started this morning when I was greeted by this little beaut, what a treat! (hmmm might need to clean that window!)

We took the woofs out for our daily exercise, so beautiful and peaceful

And we went to see the new arrivals ... great to see life just carries on

When we got home we were lucky enough to be able to continue enjoying the glorious day in our own back garden

We know we are super lucky to live where we do and have the time to appreciate the little things. It's good to take the time to stop, look and breath ... it can fortify you to carry on.

I hope you have a space where you can go and breath. Look for the small joys and the big stuff will sort itself out eventually.

So with my thankful head on I'll say bye for now and be off to design a tea towel!

Wraptious are holding a design competition for all the family to design a tea towel hunt them out at www.wraptious.com and join in, it's open until Sunday! I'll show you mine tomorrow :)

Be safe, be grateful for the little things and I'll see you soon


Michelle x

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