Dear Cyber space

Do you believe in coincidence? Yes and no .... however I do believe that when you listen .... really listen to them upstairs, whoever it is you believe is up there, they will put in your path the right things at the right time. This is what happened today!

I love my talking books when I am in my studio, this morning I went to Youtube to continue listening to my latest book and a recommendation popped up which grabbed my attention. It was a video from Lindsay Weirlich the frugal crafter and was entitled 'it's ok to craft for fun' and after my latest epiphany and witterings it was exactly what I wanted to hear, she in turn was inspired by another creatives blog and so the circle goes. The words really resonated with me and I guess validated all my recent thoughts and witterings plus she has a pretty awesome channel with loads of inspiration.

And it is ok to craft for fun, I feel like I have had to give myself permission to do this for such a long time but no more, I will craft for fun when I want, so there! and that is exactly what I have been doing tonight and I have felt like a kid in a sweet shop .... there maybe a long way to go to shake all the shackles of the life I have conditioned myself to but I actually giggled to myself with a frisson of excitement when I got my little die cut machine out, started cutting up paper and sat with a whole host of my crafty goodies in front of me .... just because I wanted to!

Life's too short not to do what you love right?

Until soon

Michelle x

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