Building a shed and losing time!

Dear Cyber space

Well I didn't make it here yesterday ... I intended to but I kind of ran out of time ... I was too busy building a garden shed!

Okay so not an actual garden shed but a crafted one made with my Claude's Garden Craft Collection. I'll be turning this into a Make Me project - workshop in a zip file and it will be available soon.

Crafting and creating is a wonderful way to lose yourself and find a new head space and I am lucky that this is not only a hobby but also part of my work. There is a lot of craftiness popping up on social media at the moment, a lot of my fellow crafter's and artists sharing there talents to keep people occupied so keep a look out and try something new it really is good for the soul!

And there are a lot of creative competitions too. I have mentioned the Wraptious tea towel competition to you ... have you entered yet? You can find it here and as promised I created a design and said I would share it with you ... here it is

A bit of summer fun created with my Life's a Beach Craft Collection Can't wait to see your designs hanging in the Wraptious gallery!

Not only was I busy being crafty but we hooked up with a good friend last night courtesy of zoom, a quick half hour turned into 4 hours!! It's the second time this week we caught up, he lives in London and we're in danger of actually seeing more of each other than ever! technology heh .... It really is showing it's good side at the moment!

Our friend is also a Sergeant Major and of course right now there is a lot going on in his world! He shared these photos earlier from the British and Commonwealth Forces, these are the heroes behind the building

Queen's Gurkha Engineers have been hard at work helping to construct Britain's largest ever peacetime hospital in London's Docklands... the 4,000 bed NHS Nightingale...

It kind of puts my Garden Shed building into perspective! I guess we all have our strengths though, I'm just glad these heroes have the strength they have.

So with the North East wind blowing and the snow making attempts I'll end my wittering and get ready for tonight's excitement ... hubs is going live again on his Face Book page doing a virtual stand up from the living room ... I do have a strange life (and an upside down living room again!)

Stay safe and get creative!


Michelle x

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