Dear Cyber Space Oh no I've gone and done it again and now have an ear worm ... soz :D I just created a new Facebook header to wish everyone a happy long weekend and thought I'd share it here and have a witter. This is created with my Tropical Party kit which started as a Christmas kit but is so much more and it's fuzzy felt-tastic too! I really enjoyed re-visiting this kit and realise that I have been so intent on creating collections that I haven't played enough with the on

Silhouettes and Rainbows

Hi there, so I didn't quite make a blog within the week so I missed Monday Musings but I'm only one day out which is good for me so I take that as a win LOL! So todays big news is a new kit release, remember the rainbow papers and mucky hands in the last post? well this was what I was creating A lot of people requested silhouettes for Christmas so here they are, Michelle styley, against a rainbow of papers, which are possibly my most favourite backgrounds ever! You can see th