What's in a word?

Dear Cyber Space It's been a busy few days at Mogford towers and I've missed my visits here but hey ho I kept running out of steam at the end of my days and like I've said I am here with no pressure on myself and am learning not to stress about the things I think I should be doing, taking deep breaths and going with the flow .... It's a strange mind set to get into but with a little patience and letting go I think I'm getting there! .... maybe! With the release of my new mini

Lost in Craft!

Dear Cyber Space In my head this title is read like the intro to the 60's TV show Lost in Space LOL! I missed checking in with you last night but as the title says I was lost in craft and the result looks like a bomb went off in my studio! I spent all day creating and making and generally having a lovely time and getting lost in my own little world, I intended to get to you but when I finally raised my head it was 1.20am and I decided to call it quits. It was a day well spent

Introducing Make Me projects

Following the release of my I doodle Love you craft collection I actually made some time to play with it myself and created a pop up scrapcard, combining card making, a pop up and a scrapbook page ..... And then it took on a life of it's own as I decided to create a Make Me project so you can make your own version of it. Available now in my Etsy shop Many years ago when I gave up working in the theatre to get back to my arty roots (with not a clue what that was) I started to

Happy February, Happy month of Love and Happy new kit day!

Following on from my last post about doodling I have had lots of messages from you all and am pleased I inspired you all to get doodling! I was also inspired to create my new digital craft collection .... I doodle love you. It started as a mini kit for Valentines and then kind of took on a life of it's own and grew into a mahoosive kit which will cover all the loved up occasions in life .... even if it's just to say I love you! I have coloured oodles of hearts and flowers, bu

Silhouettes and Rainbows

Hi there, so I didn't quite make a blog within the week so I missed Monday Musings but I'm only one day out which is good for me so I take that as a win LOL! So todays big news is a new kit release, remember the rainbow papers and mucky hands in the last post? well this was what I was creating A lot of people requested silhouettes for Christmas so here they are, Michelle styley, against a rainbow of papers, which are possibly my most favourite backgrounds ever! You can see th